Oracle评价SAP:Don’t Get Stuck with Yesterday’s ERP

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SAP客户的日子不好过。SAP将结束对Business Suite(也称为ECC)的支持的目标日期定为2027年。坚持使用SAP意味着将HANA作为一个基础平台,这意味着面临成本高、难以预测的重新实施工作的巨大前景。

SAP的新业务平台s/4HANA是一个未经验证的选择,您在R/3和business Suite中习惯的大部分功能仍有待重写。SAP已经声明,前一个代码行的很大一部分将不会进入新的软件,这意味着你以前使用的过程可能会被根除。

像您这样的许多SAP客户已经意识到,他们在SAP的未来需要在一个仍在构建的未来平台上进行根本性的技术变革。在今年的摩根士丹利AlphaWise CIO调查中,78%的SAP客户表示,他们没有升级到s/4HANA的计划。



The clock is ticking for SAP customers. SAP has set a target date of 2027 to end support of Business Suite (also known as ECC). Sticking with SAP means moving to HANA as an underlying platform—which means facing the daunting prospect of a high-cost, tough-to-predict reimplementation effort.

SAP’s new business platform, S/4HANA, is an unproven choice, and most of the functionality that you’ve gotten used to in R/3 and Business Suite is still to be rewritten. SAP has stated that a massive portion of the previous code line will not make it over into the new software—meaning the processes you’re used to could be eradicated.

Many SAP customers like you have realized that their future with SAP requires a fundamental technology change, on a future platform that is still being built. In this year’s Morgan Stanley AlphaWise CIO Survey, 78 percent of SAP customers said they had no plans to upgrade to S/4HANA.

Faced with a reimplementation, thousands of customers like you are teaming up with a leader in cloud ERP. Cloud has fundamentally leveled the playing field for ERP, and Oracle is proud to lead this change.


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