Infor公司大事记 Infor Company Milestones

2002 年 – 作为一家 ERP 软件公司成立
2004 至 2009 年 – Infor 收购多家软件公司,并专注于特定行业的应用程序
2009 年– Infor 收购 SoftBrands,并开发了 Infor ION
2010 年 – Infor 聘请 Charles Phillips 担任新任首席执行官;Phillips 先生带领 Infor 将业务重点转向行业利基和对客户用户友好的应用程序的开发
2011 年 – 收购 ERP 提供商 Lawson Software,并将产品系列扩展到服务行业
2011 至 2016 年 – Infor 通过 CloudSuite Financials 向现代云体验迈进
2012 年 – 公司总部从佐治亚州阿法乐特搬迁到纽约市
2013 年 – Infor 与 AWS 合作
2014 年 – Infor 收购 PeopleAnswers;首次推出 Infor CloudSuite™ 产品
2015 年 – Infor 收购 GT Nexus;Infor 的 CloudSuite™、Talent Science 和 Ming.le Mobile 产品荣获史迪威奖 (Stevie Awards)
2016 年 – 超过 200 个国家/地区的 5800 万用户在 Infor 云中活跃
2017 年 – Koch Equity 向 Infor 投资 22 亿余美元;Infor 收购 Birst;Infor 宣布 Infor Coleman A.I.
2018 – 发布AI和机器学习企业应用
2019 – Infor为科技CEO举办多元化技术峰会;Koch Equity在潜在IPO前投资15亿美元
2020– 美国科氏工业集团决定收购金门资本所持Infor股权。Infor成为科氏工业集团的独立运营子公司。

2002 – Founded as an ERP software company primarily focused on manufacturing
2004-2009 – Infor expands customer base with a focus on select industries in manufacturing
2009 – Infor introduces ION, an integration and messaging platform
2010 – Infor hires Charles Phillips, as the new CEO
2011 – Infor begins to invest in products, rewrites application for the cloud, and expands into Service industries; Acquires Lawson software and enters healthcare vertical
2012 – Infor establishes Hook & Loop, a NYC-based design agency to focus on product user experience
2013 – Infor introduces Ming.le and launches CloudSuite product-line; Partners with Amazon Web Services as infrastructure to Infor CloudSuite and grows to over 60 million subscribers
2014 – Infor supplements HCM suite with talent science and behavioral assessments
2015 – Infor acquires GT Nexus; Infor’s CloudSuite, Talent Science, and Ming.le Mobile products wins Stevie Awards
2016 – 68 million users in over 170 countries are active in the Infor cloud
2017 – Koch Equity invests over $2.2 billion in Infor; Infor acquires Birst® and introduces Coleman, an AI platform and Digital Assistant named after Katherine Coleman Johnson
2018 – Infor introduces AI and machine learning applications by industry
2019 – Infor hosts Diversity Tech Summit for technology CEOs; Koch Equity invests $1.5 billion ahead of potential IPO
2020 – Koch Industries Pours $2.5 Billion into Business Software Maker Infor

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