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NAZDAQ的创新产品改善了与业务合作伙伴的内部报告和出站通信。它们支持将ERP报告直接转换为MS Excel、MS Word、PDF和其他格式,并支持基于预定义首选项的文档(如采购订单、发票和客户对账单)的无缝电子邮件、传真、打印和存档。这些产品允许在将ERP报表转换为Excel或PDF之前轻松更改其结构,从而在不自定义ERP系统的情况下创建高质量的专业文件。


巴德尔·曼苏尔在以色列和硅谷的ERP系统工作多年后,于1999年回到家乡拿撒勒,创办了NAZDAQ。他指出需要一种工具,将报告数据从企业资源规划系统转换到办公环境。他的愿景是为ERP用户提供附加组件,使其能够通过电子邮件、传真、存档和打印诸如采购订单和发票等文档,并允许一种简单的方式将报表转换为Excel、Word、PDF HTML和XML。该公司随后将开发其他解决方案,涵盖文档管理、报告和通知等领域。NAZDAQ工具在Baan和Infor LN系统中非常流行,除了许多中型公司外,一些财富500强公司也使用它。



NAZDAQ specializes in developing and providing business document software geared towards output and customer communication management (OMS and CCM) for converting, designing, personalizing and distributing business documents.

NAZDAQ has served over one thousand companies around the world since 1999;, many Fortune 500 companies and tens of thousands of individual ERP users are using NAZDAQ’s products daily.

NAZDAQ’s innovative products improve internal reporting and outbound communications with business partners. They enable the transferring of ERP reports directly into MS Excel, MS Word, PDF and other formats and enable seamless emailing, faxing, printing and archiving of documents, such as purchase orders, invoices and customer statements, based on predefined preferences. These products allow for easy changes to the structure of ERP reports before transferring them into Excel or PDF, thereby creating high quality, professional files without customizing the ERP system.

Towards the end of the nineties when the Y2K concern was approaching and companies were upgrading their ERP systems, NAZDAQ was established in the city of Nazareth to fill a need of providing freedom in preparing and presenting ERP data.

After working for many years with ERP systems in Israel and Silicon Valley, Bader Mansour returned to his hometown of Nazareth in 1999 and started NAZDAQ. He identified the need for a tool that would convert report data from ERP systems to the office environment. His vision was to provide add-ons for ERP users that would enable e-mailing, faxing, archiving, and printing documents such as Purchase Orders and Invoices and would allow an easy way to convert reports to Excel, Word, PDF HTML, and XML. The company would later develop other solutions that would cover areas of document management, reporting, and notification. The NAZDAQ tools are very popular with Baan and Infor LN systems and are used by some Fortune 500 companies in addition to many medium-sized companies.

In 2016, NAZDAQ released B2Win Suite, the next generation Output Management System that is compatible with different ERP and business systems and is built on the rich experience through working for many years with specific customer needs. B2Win Suite is a software package geared towards Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Output Management (OM), specializing in converting ERP documents and reports into multiple formats with the ability to design, personalize and distribute them using a single and easy-to-use multipurpose interface. With B2Win Suite businesses can simplify, streamline and optimize their business communication with their internal and external stakeholders.

Today, after almost two decades, the NAZDAQ tools are installed on hundreds of servers in more than 40 countries around the world. They are used daily by users to automate the transfer of ERP reports into front-office applications as well as automating business processes.