B2Win 7 Report Customizer Guide

B2Win 7 Report Customizer Guide 7

B2Win 7 Report Customizer Guide 报表定制教程

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b2Win is the ultimate software utility for downloading Baan/Infor LN reports directly into Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF, XML, HTML and Notepad. B2Win formats the reports for you to perform additional calculations and/or editing.

For new customers, especially those on Infor LN 10.5 and higher, we highly recommend B2Win Suite, which is a software package geared towards Customer Communication Management (CCM). Visit our dedicated web site for this product – www.b2winsuite.com

b2Win is fully installed on the Baan/Infor LN Server, and there is no need to install it on every single client in the company.

b2Win includes a smart “report converter” to convert standard looking Baan/Infor LN reports to a table format (mostly for Excel).

In addition to its automatic converter, b2Win includes a Report Customizer that enables you to configure “complicated” Baan/Infor LN reports. Using the customizer you can chose your report type tabular or transpose, you can define the headers, remove empty lines split columns and much more. You can save your configuration for future reports.

b2Win 8.0 User Interface

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